Map Kit for GIMP

Backgrounds and Brushes that let you turn GIMP into your own cartography studio

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Are you an author who needs to create a map for your fantasy novel?

Perhaps you are a video game designer who needs to create a map for players to use to navigate through your game?

Or maybe you are an artist looking to create a unique kind of decor?

Map Kit for GIMP can help.

What is the Map Kit for GIMP

Map Kit allows you to turn the popular open source image editing tool GIMP into your own personal fantasy and antique map making studio.

It includes 2 high resolution antique paper backgrounds to act as the foundation for your maps and 23 brushes to add features such as mountains, trees, deserts, swamps, and more.

What's included


First off, the kit comes with two antique paper background images to act as the foundation for your maps:

A 3900x5200 (portait) image in jpg format

A 5200x3900 (landscape) image in jpg format

"Ink" Brushes

Then there's the "ink" brushes, brushes that draw features on your map as if you are using a black ink brush:




Fir Trees

Palm Trees

Dead Trees









Color Brushes Brushes

Finally, the kit includes eight color brushes:

Green (for grass)

Blue (for water)

Sand (for desert)

White (for snow)

Snow capped Mountains

Green Hills

Green Trees

Green Fir Trees